Craig Margolius

Craig, with his solid foundation as a chartered accountant and over 17 years of experience in senior finance roles across diverse sectors including investment banking and consulting, brings a unique understanding of the subtleties of business-backed lending and property investment. This rich background anchors his current role as a dedicated Mortgage Adviser, where he skillfully applies this knowledge to create tailored mortgage solutions that better serve his clients. His expertise is particularly valuable in designing effective cash flow structures, implementing tax-efficient strategies in collaboration with clients’ accountants, and navigating complex bank lending decisions. 

Craig’s dedication to delivering exceptional advice and service is consistently demonstrated, whether he’s supporting a first-time homebuyer or managing the intricacies of a multi-property investment portfolio. Fueled by a deep commitment to financial education, he is focused on empowering clients to achieve their property ownership goals.

Outside of his professional commitments, Craig enjoys quality time with his family, stays active with CrossFit, and relaxes by playing tennis with friends. His approachable nature and extensive experience make him an ideal partner for clients and a trusted resource for business associates in the field of property investment.


Contact Craig Margolius


: 021 085 65 292