Prepare for the future before it becomes the present

Historically, New Zealanders used to sell their houses when they retired and live off those returns for the rest of their lives. Today, life expectancy rates are increasing and high property prices are making it harder for people to get onto the property ladder. The cost of living continues to rise but government superannuation payments aren’t rising as quickly. As a result, Kiwis need to look at other ways to prepare for their retirement – and now.

Since KiwiSaver was launched in July 2007, almost 3 million New Zealanders have signed up to the retirement savings scheme and are using the funds to supplement their retirement or put towards the purchase of their first home.

But a worryingly high number of people who are enrolled in KiwiSaver don’t know enough about which fund works best for them or how to maximise the benefits. There isn’t a lot of reliable, independent KiwiSaver advice out there, and thousands of Kiwis have no idea what fund they’re with – or if they’re with a fund at all. As of May 2021, there are still 381,000 KiwiSavers still in a default fund, and many New Zealanders are more concerned about what their money can do for them now instead of looking to the future.

The difference between different KiwiSaver funds could be hundreds of thousands of dollars by the time you retire. That’s why it’s important to find out how to get the most out of KiwiSaver now. Getting KiwiSaver advice to help you maximise your returns and the long-term benefits is invaluable, and could be the difference between you continuing to live the comfortable life you live now while you’re working, or being cash-strapped and not being able to enjoy yourself when you retire.

Threefold offers expert, independent KiwiSaver advice to help clients become more financially savvy and set them up for long-term success when they retire. The earlier you start to educate yourself about KiwiSaver, the better-off you’ll be in the future. To find out how to maximise your KiwiSaver, contact the friendly Threefold team today.

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