Life Insurance #1

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Our job is to find the right insurance package for you! To do that, we work with and consider...


You will love it when you need it!

  • Step One


    This is where we gather information about you and your insurance needs to enable us to recommend the best cover to meet your individual needs.

  • Step Two


    After undertaking Step 1 above, your Adviser then works with you to design your insurance cover for you to meet your needs and to fit within your budget.  Your adviser then seeks your approval to proceed with an application for the cover you’ve selected.

  • Step Three


    Your adviser then submits your application through to relevant insurer(s) on your behalf.

  • Step Four


    Your application is reviewed by the insurer and if required additional information may be requested (i.e., medical notes).

  • Step Five


    Your application is accepted and cover commences.

Jonathan was incredibly helpful getting us into our first home. We couldn’t be happier!

Love the Threefold team, they helped us to refinance and made the whole thing really simple.

Great service. Joanna and the team went above and beyond.

Highly recommend Threefold. Friendly and reliable.

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