Mortgages for Property Investors

Building a property portfolio? We’ve got you covered

For many New Zealanders, buying their own home is just one part of their property journey. Many Kiwis are now looking at property investment as a way to secure their financial futures and establish a reliable form of passive income.

But sometimes the financial side of property investment can seem daunting, particularly if you’re juggling mortgages on multiple properties. Buying in with someone else? You’ve just made your property investment attempts even more complicated.

Whether you’re in the market for your first investment property, you want to add to your property portfolio, you need to improve your cashflow, or you’re looking to free up some capital by selling an investment property, Threefold can help you navigate your mortgage application smoothly and reliably.

Between us, Threefold’s highly experienced mortgage advisers have seen every mortgage application scenario under the sun, so we understand even the most complicated arrangement. Many Threefold employees are property investors themselves, so we also have first-hand knowledge about the industry and how to structure a mortgage appropriately.

Asset protection and tax are important to consider when you’re buying investment properties, so we can connect you with the right financial experts like accountants and lawyers to make sure you’re set up appropriately.

When it comes to freeing up capital, we make it easy at the other end of the process too. Our team will help you restructure your lending so you can live the lifestyle you dreamed of when you first started your real estate investment portfolio.

Buying property is always a bit stressful, but with Threefold at the helm you can breathe easier. Looking to start or build your property portfolio? Get in touch with the Threefold mortgage broker team today.

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Mortgage Process for Property Investors

Step One

This is where we gather information about your financial position, your income, employment history, and any debts or assets you may have and find out where you are at financially and where you want to be.

Step Two

We reach out to various lenders on your behalf to obtain approval up to a certain sum of money, based on certain conditions.  We will determine what you can borrow based on all the information you provided to us at the initial consultation meeting.

Step Three

Now the fun begins, you can spend your weekends looking for your first home in the knowledge that you have pre-approval and can confidently make an offer.

Step Four

Once your offer is accepted, we will discuss:

  • Loan Structure

What type of loan you want and how you want to pay it back.  We can help talk through your options for loan type, fixed and/or floating interest rate and design your home loan with you.

  • Insurances

Help you with ensuring you have all appropriate insurances in place to cover you and your new home.

Step Five

All mortgage documentation will be sent to your Solicitor for signing ready for your settlement date (purchase date).

Step Six

Celebrate and move in! Woohoo you’ve bought your first home!

What our customers say:

Jonathan was incredibly helpful getting us into our first home. We couldn’t be happier!
Love the Threefold team, they helped us to refinance and made the whole thing really simple.
Great service. Joanna and the team went above and beyond.
Highly recommend Threefold. Friendly and reliable.

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