May OCR Announcement

What You need to know…

Today the Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RBNZ) Monetary Policy Committee announced that the Official Cash Rate (OCR) would remain at 5.50 percent with ongoing restrictive monetary policy settings still necessary to reduce inflation.

Alongside many economic commentators, we are hopeful that as the current government takes action to rein in spending and as inflationary pressures ease, we will see a reduction in the OCR around November of this year. 

Impact of the OCR announcement on mortgage interest rates

It is our expectation that the immediate impact of this announcement on mortgage rates is likely to be minimal, as lenders have already factored in that the OCR would remain unchanged following this review.

However, with the market forecasting that the OCR and wholesale interest rates are likely to decrease in the latter half of this year, we believe that there is a reasonably good chance that borrowers will find some relief in the form of lower mortgage interest rates by around November. This means that, in general, our recommendation to clients taking out new lending (or who’s rates are coming up for renewal) over the coming months, is that they consider fixing for six months.

Alternatively, for those clients who are looking to spread risk, the 12-month rate is also worth considering, particularly if a loan is split with 50 percent being fixed for six-months and the other 50 percent for a year.

Based on the general consensus of economic forecasts, we are not recommending that clients fix for longer than 12-months at this time.

What to do now

Whether your objective is to curtail interest expenses and survive the higher interest rates, or to expedite loan repayments, proper planning and preparation hold the key to taking control and to positively impacting your financial outcomes.

If your rates are coming up for renewal, or if you are considering taking out new lending, we recommend talking to your adviser about your specific situation.

By taking into account economic forecasts alongside your financial objectives, your adviser will be able to recommend the right loan structure for you.

The content of this article should not be taken as financial advice, or a recommendation of any financial product. Threefold is not liable or responsible for any information, omissions, or errors present. We recommend seeking advice from a qualified financial adviser before taking any action.