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If you're looking to get on the property ladder, then a Mortgage Advisor is key. Threefold's team will take the time to understand your situation, what you're hoping to buy, and what options are available to raise a deposit and win over the bank. Trust the team that has been getting mortgages over the line for decades. They'll give you the best chance possible of landing your first home.

In the same way that buying your first home was a complex process, so too is your second home and beyond. Now that you've built up a borrowing history and some equity, it's more important than ever to consider different mortgage products. Whether it's maximising your borrowings to buy that dream next home, keeping your repayments low, or paying it off as soon a possible. Let us find the mortgage and lender that's right for you.

As you build up your portfolio, your access to finance and risk allocation becomes more and more important. A good mortgage advisor is vital. We know how the banks treat different investments, what their risk appetites and requirements are. So let us help you to find the right lender, the right mechanisms and fast track the approval process.

Odds are good that interest rates and LVR requirements have changed since you last locked in your mortgage. If so, contact a Mortgage Advisor today to discuss how you could refix your mortgage. Threefold deals with all the major banks and can help you to refix at the optimal rate, term and LVR.

Jonathan was incredibly helpful getting us into our first home. We couldn’t be happier!

Love the Threefold team, they helped us to refinance and made the whole thing really simple.

Great service. Joanna and the team went above and beyond.

Highly recommend Threefold. Friendly and reliable.